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Video: SQLBOX™ speeds up your pentest by 280%!

SQLBOX™ is 280% faster!

Video: SQLBOX™ speeds up your pentest by 280%!

SQLBOX™ is the coolest software in the world? Well … a lot can be said. And of course you always praise your own software the most. And yes, of course there are many readers who don’t quite want to believe that SQLBOX™ is just awesome. So the idea came up to try a direct comparison. Is SQLBOX™ Really That Much Faster? Is SQLBOX™ really that easy to use? Is it really worth the money?

To make a direct comparison, we did two identical pentests. Of course, the same settings were made and exactly the same goal was chosen. Initially, the target was attacked using the conventional command line and sqlmap. The result here was about 01:38 (mm: ss) and is already fast, yes. One must not forget that it was a fairly simple attack without “hurdles”. But even with this simple constellation, SQLBOX™ was able to break all records.

From start to finish in 35 (!) seconds!

From entering the destination to the username and password dump, it only took 35 seconds! That is an incredible 280% faster than without SQLBOX™. And nothing was entered into the command line once. Everything could be done with simple mouse clicks. Don’t you think that’s true? Well then check it out:

So if you had any doubts so far, that should now be clarified. And if it’s worth the money, also a little thought: Imagine how much time and nerves this tool can save you. And then think about what other tools often cost. Usually you have to pay extra for updates / upgrades or you even have to take out a subscription. That is not the case here! The price is charged only once and all updates are free for you afterwards. So if we add more features, you don’t have to pay extra for them. And because the software costs something, further development is guaranteed. If that’s not fair, then what?

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