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Frequently asked questions

Is the software actually legal?
Of course. This is not a malicious hacking tool, but software for security audits and vulnerability analyzes. However, you should still find out whether the use of such software is permitted in your country. Your country may have different rules about this. With us here, however, there are no problems. And no, we don't give out any information about who we sold the software to.
Is there also a version for Linux or Mac?
At the moment, SQLBOX™ is only available for Windows operating systems. It has already been discussed whether development will also be started for other operating systems, but there are no precise plans for this yet.
Do I have to pay extra for updates?
No. You don't have to pay extra for the updates and there are no additional costs that are incurred annually or similarly. In order to use SQLBOX™, each user has to buy a personal license. This is valid for a lifetime.
Are there any restrictions on the number of pentests?
No. You can use SQLBOX™ as often as you want with your valid license. There are no restrictions or volume limits on the tests. Whether you check a URL once or a million times doesn't matter in the end.
Englisch? Ich verstehe nur die Hälfte...
Ja, die Website und auch die Software sind mit englischer Sprache ausgestattet. Es ist nun einmal eine Weltsprache und die meisten Leute in der Branche verstehen es (wenn auch manchmal nur halbwegs), daher war es die erste Wahl. Allerdings ist hier bereits Abhilfe geplant. Und wenn es Unklarheiten geben sollte, steht natürlich auch deutscher Support zur Verfügung.
So sqlmap is free. Why do I have to pay?
That's right, sqlmap is open source software and, as stated on the website, free of charge. SQLBOX™, on the other hand, is an independent software that is completely based on closed source. The software is able to control sqlmap and automate commands. However, that does not mean that it therefore automatically belongs to the open source project. SQLBOX™ is completely protected software and can only be used with a valid license.
Is there also a SQLBOX™ portable version?
In theory, you can use the software without installing it. All you have to do is copy the program folder and all subdirectories to (for example) a USB stick. All the required software dependencies are stored in the program folder.
Do you save or track my pentests?
Absolutely no way! SQLBOX™ does not send any information about pentests or any other type of sensitive data of this category to our servers. There is only a license check, nothing more. So at no point do we know what users are doing with the software or what they are scanning. There is absolutely no reason for us to collect such information. We are not Microsoft.