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Looking for a sqlmap GUI? Get SQLBOX!


Looking for a sqlmap GUI? Get SQLBOX!

Anyone who has worked with tools like sqlmap for a while will probably know the problem very well. Command lines are not uncommon for us and we can handle them, but in the long run it gets annoying when you have to type in the same thing over and over again. Especially with small things that you want to adjust within the commands, several steps are usually necessary, which actually only cost unnecessary time and keep us from work.

How about if there was a sqlmap GUI that can do everything that sqlmap can, but you don’t have to enter any commands? And what if this GUI can do a lot more than sqlmap can? It would certainly be a dream come true for many hackers out there. Understandable, because it was no different here either.

If you look around the net and look specifically for a suitable GUI for sqlmap, you will find a few results here and there, but what you find is not necessarily the best seller. Some solutions are even more cumbersome than helpful. And even if you look at the solutions that are more common, it doesn’t look much different.

So it was more or less fate that someone had to take it into their own hands. And so SQLBOX™ was born, a software that can make pentests with sqlmap a real pleasure. So if you are looking for a suitable sqlmap GUI, you should get absolute overkill with our software. But we are hackers, we love overkills! Haha…

Just take a look at the features of SQLBOX™ and then decide for yourself whether the small investment is worthwhile. In any case, our software will save you tons of work and time. And hey, we’ve only just started developing it. This means that there will be many enhancements in the future and the software will get better with every update. And if you buy a license now – at an entry-level price – you will benefit even more. Because updates and upgrades of the software are free here!

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