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SQLBOX v1.2: Maintenance update of various features


SQLBOX v1.2: Maintenance update of various features

SQLBOX is now available in the new version 1.2. The update includes some renewals of core modules and functions. The software now runs a little more smoothly and comes with the latest version of sqlmap, as well as various other fixes.

For example, the integrated Python version and the supplied sqlmap version have been updated. In addition, various core modules have been updated and thus brought to the latest versions.

We changed the app font to align with native fonts to prevent reported issues with custom font installation at startup. Furthermore, the complete database structure was renewed and converted to a new database engine. This is how we prepare the software for future extensions that interact with the database.

We also improved a few small things for the Tor Manager. With the new version, the Tor Manager can also be used without any problems if a Tor connection has already been established by another application. SQLBOX then still uses its own Tor setup and connects without any problems.

The listing of the presets has been renewed and improved. It’s now even easier to create and use your own presets. In addition, minor bugs in the application have been fixed, which were only cosmetic, but we still love clean software.

The update can be downloaded from the “Your Downloads” customer area. New customers get the latest version when they buy it.

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