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SQLBOX™ (latest version)

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The hacker’s newest favorite toy! It’s the perfect GUI for sqlmap, with innovative functions and time-saving optimization. Take your pentests to a new level and benefit from active further development.

Note: No subscription required (lifetime license). The software updates are also free! Further functions will be added later and are then at no extra charge. Be smart – use the cheap entry!

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Quantity: 1x Personal license (lifetime)


With SQLBOX™ you get innovative software that brings many new functions with it to improve your penetration tests. Originally the tool was supposed to serve as a graphical surface for the world-famous “sqlmap”. However, it quickly became clear during development that this would not be the only use. SQLBOX™ bundles commands and optimizes your work. You save a lot of time and can concentrate on the essentials. Almost all functions can be controlled via the GUI and even projects can be managed.

When using “sqlmap”, have you ever been annoyed that you have to type all the commands over and over again? From now on it is over! We offer you a solution with which you can start and configure your pentests with just a few clicks. You also no longer have to search for commands or scour the net when looking for certain combinations of commands or the available tamperscripts. SQLBOX™ offers you available settings, provides the descriptions for them and even lets you search through the options.

Check out the features!

SQLBOX is packed with practical features and makes your work easier. Take a look at the product page to learn more about all the features and see images of the software.

How often have you wished there was a way to use templates and start a complete pentest with just a few clicks? Your wish becomes reality with SQLBOX™! You can create individual presets according to your wishes and save them with a suitable name. So if you ever have a particular case in which you had to use tricky combinations of settings, you can now save them and use them again if you come across a similar situation. That should change your world if you have worked with sqlmap and other tools for a long time!

And you won’t believe it, but that’s not all! Our software brings you many more features that you have always wanted in a pentest tool.

How many times has it happened to you that you already had good settings on a checked URL and then tried something else that destroyed your scan? And unfortunately there may have been other queries in between, which means that you can no longer find your good settings. Annoying huh? But that is a thing of the past with SQLBOX™! The software offers you a history with every single scan and its parameters. And in addition, you can now make further scans of the same URL and use the project functions to save your previous results.

Take a look at the features page and see for yourself what makes this software so attractive. There are many reasons why you should get SQLBOX™. And… As for the price, you should know that future updates and upgrades will be free for you. The license is valid for a lifetime. Therefore it is a fair and inexpensive offer.

Developed by true professionals. For beginners and experts!
Do you know what’s the best? Your new loyal companion SQLBOX™ is developed by real professionals. It’s not a half-heartedly programmed GUI that will cause you more trouble than it excites you. And it is not software that gets dusty after its release. This software is used in penetration tests by sToRm // and is also developed and improved by him. So you can assume that it will be constantly expanded and improved. And you can be absolutely sure that no useless functions will appear in it or that it will not work. And if you have ideas on how to make the software even better, we are always ready to listen! SQLBOX™ is designed to make hackers’ work easier and save their time.
Pay once, use it forever! We don’t rip you off.
And because it’s about making our lives easier for all of us, licensing SQLBOX™ is also very easy. Pentest software is usually very expensive, we all know that. And nowadays, almost everywhere, you only come across offers where you have to take out subscriptions or even pay for each individual update. In some cases that may be okay, but we hate that. You only have to pay for SQLBOX™ once and you can use the software as often and for as long as you want. Updates are also at no additional cost. This means that if further functions are added in the future (and there are already many extensions planned), you can use these with the license you have purchased. So if you need a personal license for yourself, then order a single license for a one-time cost. And then enjoy SQLBOX™ the rest of your life. And if you work in a team or need several licenses for your company, write us an email and we will make you an offer. That’s how easy it is.


- Changed app font for better compatibility
- Changed preset listing and functionality
- New database engine implemented
- Changed db structures
- Updated core modules
- Updated console implementation
- Updated extensions
- Updated components
- Updated python to v3.10.5
- Updated sqlmap to v1.7.1.11
- Fixed some small bugs (cleanup)
- Fixed Tor compatibility and integration
- Changed Tor setup to let it run side by side
- Fixed some input conversion bugs


New features:
- Implemented Tor functionality
- SQLBOX Tor manager included
- Tor on individual port
- Real IP check
- Tor active check
- Tor IP check
- Auto-Close Tor on closing window/app
- Button to clean Tor data directory
- Tor Manager quick access button in menu
- Implemented Exploiter Engine
- Git-Dumper (export from vulnerable website)

- ...


--- Initial release ---

System Requirements:
– Operating system: Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10+
– .Net Framework 4.6+
– Display: min. resolution 1600x900p

Third party plugins:
– SQLBOX™ supports sqlmap v1.5.1.3+