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Pentester’s dreams come true

SQLBOX™ is a huge innovation – It’s like sqlmap on steroids!

15+ good reasons why

SQLBOX™ is your new must have

With SQLBOX™ we are closing a gap that has always been a problem. We enable you to perform pentests using sqlmap, with a graphical user interface and with extensions and features that are so far unique!

Our solution will save you a lot of time and effort. You will be amazed how easy it can be to do extensive tests with complex setups. You will love it!

What SQLBOX™ offers you:

Dashboard (stats & history)

Dashboard with an overview of all statistics. The number of your previous tests, your available shells, number of presets and dumps, as well as a history of your scans.

Attack History (+easy reuse)

A list of all previous scans, including the associated parameters that were taken into account in the scan. You can send the information from the history to the scanner with one click.

Interactive command line

We have integrated the command line directly into the software. And this offers you interactive functions. Mark to copy, right click to paste and much more.

Automatic processing of the URL

If you copy a URL including all parameters - for example from your browser - and paste it into SQLBOX™, the parameters are automatically read from the URL and transferred to the settings.

Switch between GET, POST and REQFILE

You can switch between the different methods with a simple click without having to adjust your other setups. You can even load request files with a single click. SQLBOX™ does the rest automatically.

Neat listing of the parameters

Changing the GET/POST parameters on the command line is hell. With SQLBOX™ you can arrange these with a click and display them cleanly, and simply select the desired parameters (inject to) from the list.

Attack method switches (BEUSTQ)

Do you want to test different types of methods, but don't want to keep adjusting commands in the command line? With our software you can switch the desired settings on and off with a click.

Presets! You can use your own presets!

Did you also wish there were presets in sqlmap where you can save your best working "secret combinations" of settings? SQLBOX™ makes this dream come true! You can save individual presets with a custom name and use them flexibly.

Flush session without losing data

It often happens that you want to check a URL again with different settings. A flush session deletes previous data from the scan. We have implemented a function that prevents this and makes a backup of the previous scan.

Data Sniper - Havij for big guys!

With the Data Sniper you can navigate through the databases and tables (accessible with injection) with simple clicks. You can also flexibly choose which columns you want to dump from the table. Incredibly quick and easy!

File Dumper - Download system files

With our file dumper you can load files from the affected server. In order to speed up the work, we have prepared a long list of possible files of interest for this purpose. The search function makes this feature a dream!

File Uploader - Upload your shells!

In order to be able to upload files, we offer you the File Uploader. This also offers suggestions to speed up your work. You can also list your own shells and flexibly choose the one you want.

Tamper Scripts on a new level

Do you also find it annoying to enter tamper scripts from your head into the command line and repeatedly need the manual? With SQLBOX™ we offer you a remedy! Select and activate the tamper scripts from a list (including descriptions) or use the quick search.

Projects, Dumps & Files

We offer you a project management system that lists all of your scans and dumps. You can select tables and files from a project and display them directly, copy content from the dumps with ease and use it further.

... and so much more!

We are constantly developing the software and adding new functions. There are already tons of ideas that will make SQLBOX™ even better and more incredible.